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Welcome to Wanderlust Caribbean Adventure Travel Boutique Hotel in the Caribbean island of Dominica. Our Caribbean boutique hotel specializes in adventure travel tours provided through active travel packages for a well rounded active Caribbean vacation in Dominica.Wanderlust Caribbean Adventure Travel Boutique Hotel caters to adventurers, thrill seekers, nature lovers, active travelers, fitness enthusiast  looking for an uncrowded destination, off the beaten path location with pristine and untouched nature. We offer active things to do in the Caribbean.Our Dominica Adventure Travel packages provide great ideas for active vacations in the Caribbean. We offer multi sport trips ideas for those looking for a multi-sport vacation in the Caribbean. These include trekking holidays, hiking vacations, snorkeling holidays amongst many others. Our specialty tours include hiking in Dominica or Dominica hiking. Other tours fall in the categories of Dominica vacations or vacations in Dominica, Dominica Waitikubuli Nature Trail WNT or hiking the Waitikubuli Natural Trail WNT, Dominica snorkeling or snorkeling in Dominica, Dominica waterfalls or waterfalls in Dominica, Boiling Lake Dominica or hiking to the boiling lake in Dominica. The Dominica adventure activities include many of the best active things to do in Dominica. Wanderlust Caribbean Adventure Travel Boutique hotel offers hiking, snorkeling in pristine reefs, scuba diving, kayaking, canyoning, whale watching, bird watching, biking, fitness walks, horseback riding, local food, fitness camps and wellness. Unique explorations not seen elsewhere include Canyoning in Dominica, Volcano treks to the Boiling Lake, the Valley of Desolation hike, rainforest walks, jungle treks, snorkeling in a sunken volcano, bird watching, year long whale watching, hot water springs, and underwater volcanic activity in Champagne Beach. They are great for 5 day Caribbean vacation packages but the island merits longer packages. Wanderlust Caribbean Adventure Travel Boutique Hotel is well suited for small group active holidays. Dominica is located in the West Indies in the Caribbean. The island is an off the beaten path destination, with unique nature explorations. It is undiscovered, remote, a nature paradise, untouched by tourism, wild and exotic, pristine and unspoiled. Its the land of pirates, and Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed here. It's great for jungle explorations, rainforest explorations and for experiential travel and for learning to live like locals do. Dominica is truly a warm tropical paradise full of sun, beaches, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, and many unique experiences in nature. Our Dominica hotel is beachfront, with stunning ocean front, river, Atlantic coast views. Modern upscale accommodations, all-inclusive top rated services, air conditioning, free wi-fi, TV, fully hosted and in-room services. Languages spoken are English and Spanish. We focus on strong personal connections and safety as we want our guest to feel safe and worry-free and come in as guests and leave as friends. So, come join this unique outdoor luxury adventure travel operator and boutique hotel for an unforgettable all inclusive holiday vacation in the Caribbean. 







"We focus on the quality of the adventures and strive to WOW our guests, every single day"
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Explore the North region

Hike, bike, swim, snorkel or paddle as we explore stunning coastal formations, hidden golden and black sand beaches, pristine rivers and dip into natural jungle pools. Meet the locals and learn about their fishing lifestyle.


Explore Calibishie

Visit the top beaches on the island, meet local farmers as you hike or bike in the mountains above the village and taste the exotic flavors of Dominica's only locally made chocolate.  Paddle a kayak over to "Treasure Island" - A Pirates of the Caribbean film site.  Explore rivers surrounded by jungle on our paddleboards and see the local birds. 


Explore the West region

Hike a section of the Waitukubuli National Trail with some of the best coastal views on the island and kayak or paddleboard to pristine snorkeling sites with mature corals, sponges and many kinds of tropical fish.


Explore the East region

Immerse yourself in Dominica's primordial jungle and follow hiking trails to hidden waterfalls where you can cool off in refreshing pools. Enjoy a beautiful coastal hike with stunning views and meet the Kalinagos, the only native Amerindians in the Caribbean. 


Explore the South region

Snorkel in the rim of a sunken volcano and see a reef with stunning tropical fish and volcanic bubbles coming from underground.  Experience panoramic ocean views from the Southern mountains as we hike a section of the Waitukubuli National Trail.


Explore Central region

Experience mountain rainforest hiking on a section of the Waitukubuli National Trail to a box canyon waterfall with a swimming pool at the bottom.  Swim in a stunning slot canyon and see one of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" film sites.  End your day at a relaxing hot sulphur pool to relax those tired muscles.

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