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Dominica, not to be confused with the Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic, lies between the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. Known as the "Nature Island of the Caribbean", Dominica is the undiscovered, uncrowded, off-the-beaten-path hidden gem with stunningly beautiful and primordial nature that many hope to discover and explore.

Waitukubuli was the name given to the island by the indigenous Amerindians, the Kalinago.  It means "Tall is her body" and the moment you land here you will understand why.


Dominica is the youngest island in the Caribbean and offers unspoiled raw nature to visitors. The island, formerly a British Territory, became independent in 1978 and remains a member of the British Commonwealth and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.  

No Overtourism

With all the buzz about "Overtourism" around the world, people are looking for uncrowded and fresh destinations to explore.  Dominica provides an amazing adult playground that has not been spoiled by mass tourism.  With mountains up to almost 5,000 ft. and 365 rivers to explore, Dominica provides the lucky traveler a chance to travel back in time and see a simpler, more connected life.

Natural Wonders

“The Nature Island of the Caribbean”

Volcanic peaks dominate the landscape and tropical rainforests cover two-thirds of the island.  Soak in natural hot springs, swim in secluded pools at the bottom of amazing waterfalls and hike the 300 miles of trails in pristine rain forest jungle. Hikers come for the world-class hiking on the Caribbean's longest trail, the Waitkubuli National Trail (WNT).  Divers come to explore one of the top five diving destinations in the world.

The only UNESCO World Heritage site in the Eastern Caribbean

At Morne Trois Pitons National Park luxuriant natural tropical forest blends with volcanic features of high scenic appeal and scientific interest. Morne Trois Pitons presents a rare combination of natural features of World Heritage value including fifty fumaroles and hot springs, freshwater lakes, a boiling lake, five volcanoes; together with the richest biodiversity in the Lesser Antilles.

The WNT, Waitikubuli National Trail

Dominica, a hikers paradise, features the longest continuous hiking trail in the Caribbean. 

Below the Sea

Dominican’s underwater terrain is as diverse as the island’s terrestrial area with a wide variety of marine life and dramatic underwater features including sunken volcanoes and deep drop-offs. More than half a dozen types of whales and a dozen types of dolphins have been identified in Dominica’s waters. Due to the deep depth of the warm West Coastal waters, a variety of whales use Dominican coastlines to seek food, mate and give birth, making Dominica the Whale Watching capital of the Caribbean. Divers from around the world enjoy underwater springs, caves, and volcanoes, while they observe the abundant marine life which includes tropical fish, sponges, sea horses and corals.


Dominica has warm temperatures year around with average daily temps between 70-80 degrees Farenheit. Dominica’s verdant greenery is fed with regular servings of rain. Although the official rainy season is from July-October, expect what’s known locally as “liquid sunshine” at any time!


Dominica is rich in cultural heritage, with long and outstanding traditions in music, dance, theater, craft, art and simple life of its people. Everywhere you go on the island are reminders of this heritage: the Creole language spoken by so many, the mix of French and English village names, the infectious Jing Ping music that makes you tap your feet, the aromatic creole cuisine and so much more.


The last of the indigenous Caribbean people, approximately 3,000 Kalinagos live in a collectively owned area called the Kalinago Territory in the East side of Dominica. It is the only reservation of native Indians left in the Caribbean. They maintain a strong bond with their Pre-Columbian past, which is evident in the baskets they weave from the l’arouma reed and the wooden fishing canoes still carved in traditional fashion from the trunks of Gommier trees.