Top benefits of traveling with us

You won’t find any marketing hype here, as we’re providing a straight answer to the question of should you spend your vacation time with us.  Our goal is to create high quality, personalized adventures that allow you to experience Dominica in the most energizing, immersive, and inspiring way possible.

As explorers and active travelers, we’ve had many thrilling adventures discovering all this island has to offer.  If you’re a like-minded person, we think you’ll be amazed with your experience here.  We believe travel can be transformational and we work hard to serve it up for you to just soak it up during your stay.

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Come as Guests, leave as Friends

Many of our guests have commented they feel like they’ve stayed with family or friends at the end of their vacation.  We live on the property and spend quality time with all our guests to make sure they have a great experience.  We lead many of the tours ourselves and enjoy sharing our experiences of exploring and living in Dominica.


No Hype, No Hassles – Just your best vacation ever! 

Our all-inclusive adventure packages take all the stress out of planning your perfect vacation.  We’ve explored the island for over 10 years, and make sure you see all the top spots, including the hidden gems most people don’t get to see.



We really mean Small Group Travel

While most adventure companies tout their small group size at around 16 guests, we have a maximum of four couples each week and usually only have 2-3 couples here at any given time.  This allows us to personalize service for each couple and provides a safe and friendly environment for guests.


Become a Temporary Local

While Dominica is an amazing natural paradise to explore, the top reason we choose this location was our experience with the amazing people here.  We’ll introduce you to all our local friends and you’ll get to experience a culture quite different from home.  You’ll meet some of the happiest people on earth and learn how they live in harmony with nature.  We have a “No Wall” property, meaning we encourage you to explore the village of Calibishie and interact with the locals here. 

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Experience the "Real" Dominica

 Experience the best tours on the island as we skip the cruise ship destinations most other tour operators provide.  Our guests have an authentic experience, as we handle all the behind-the-scenes logistics to safely take you deep into rain forest covered mountain sites and coral reef swims that few people see.  We’ve done a high-quality job when all the little things we do to provide access to the experience melt away and you’re left simply enjoying the experience itself.


Maximum Value for your Vacation Investment

Many of our guests tell us they saw more in one week than they would have seen in two weeks on their own.  We’ve planned, tested, and re-planned the perfect combination of tours for sightseeing, relaxation, and cultural immersion.  Our trip planning call before your visit helps us create the perfect vacation experience for you.

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Personalized Adventure Program

 Most adventure travel experiences involve the entire group doing the same activities every day.  We offer personalized vacations by having multiple activity tracks on some days when there are two or more guests that want a different adventure than the primary scheduled tour.  With the information from our vacation planning phone call, we design a unique adventure experience for each couple.


The WOW Moments

You know the feeling we’re discussing.  Whether your Wow moments are from the achievement of climbing a mountain, seeing an amazing sunset from a local beach bar, feeling the power and beauty of nature as you swim under a mountain fueled waterfall, or from experiencing the colorful Dominican culture, we’ve designed an experience everyone will enjoy.  These Wow moments pull it all together for complete immersion into a world far different from home.

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