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Government of Dominica Policy

As of August 7th, 2020, the Government of Dominica has re-opened borders to travelers.  Dominica has published requirements for arriving travelers, which include recent testing for the virus.  The requirements for entry into Dominica may be found at:

Wanderlust Caribbean Re-opening

We understand some people are ready to escape the Covid-19 pandemic and are looking forward to coming to a place as pristine and natural as Dominica. We are also eager to once again provide amazing adventures to our guests. However, due to Dominica's current quarantine requirements and other important factors, we have decided to stay close until a more appropriate time. Based on the ongoing vaccination data, we currently estimate October 1, 2021 as a safe re-opening day. We will continue to actively monitor progress. If circumstances are favorable, we will move forward our re-opening date to an earlier time in 2021. 

Please know that we will require a positive Covid-19 antibody test or proper vaccination records to stay with us. 

Introducing Responsible Travel in Times of Covid-19

Bubble Travel Offer

Private small group travel. Book an exclusive and custom made vacation for you and your family or friends. With a minimum of six people, we'll reserve the hotel and all adventures just for your group. Social distancing ensured.