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Welcome to Wanderlust Caribbean Adventure Travel Boutique Hotel in the Caribbean island of Dominica. Our Caribbean boutique hotel specializes in adventure travel tours provided through active travel packages for a well rounded active Caribbean vacation in Dominica.Wanderlust Caribbean Adventure Travel Boutique Hotel caters to adventurers, thrill seekers, nature lovers, active travelers, fitness enthusiast  looking for an uncrowded destination, off the beaten path location with pristine and untouched nature. We offer active things to do in the Caribbean.Our Dominica Adventure Travel packages provide great ideas for active vacations in the Caribbean. We offer multi sport trips ideas for those looking for a multi-sport vacation in the Caribbean. These include trekking holidays, hiking vacations, snorkeling holidays amongst many others. Our specialty tours include hiking in Dominica or Dominica hiking. Other tours fall in the categories of Dominica vacations or vacations in Dominica, Dominica Waitikubuli Nature Trail WNT or hiking the Waitikubuli Natural Trail WNT, Dominica snorkeling or snorkeling in Dominica, Dominica waterfalls or waterfalls in Dominica, Boiling Lake Dominica or hiking to the boiling lake in Dominica. The Dominica adventure activities include many of the best active things to do in Dominica. Wanderlust Caribbean Adventure Travel Boutique hotel offers hiking, snorkeling in pristine reefs, scuba diving, kayaking, canyoning, whale watching, bird watching, biking, fitness walks, horseback riding, local food, fitness camps and wellness. Unique explorations not seen elsewhere include Canyoning in Dominica, Volcano treks to the Boiling Lake, the Valley of Desolation hike, rainforest walks, jungle treks, snorkeling in a sunken volcano, bird watching, year long whale watching, hot water springs, and underwater volcanic activity in Champagne Beach. They are great for 5 day Caribbean vacation packages but the island merits longer packages. Wanderlust Caribbean Adventure Travel Boutique Hotel is well suited for small group active holidays. Dominica is located in the West Indies in the Caribbean. The island is an off the beaten path destination, with unique nature explorations. It is undiscovered, remote, a nature paradise, untouched by tourism, wild and exotic, pristine and unspoiled. Its the land of pirates, and Pirates of the Caribbean movies were filmed here. It's great for jungle explorations, rainforest explorations and for experiential travel and for learning to live like locals do. Dominica is truly a warm tropical paradise full of sun, beaches, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, and many unique experiences in nature. Our Dominica hotel is beachfront, with stunning ocean front, river, Atlantic coast views. Modern upscale accommodations, all-inclusive top rated services, air conditioning, free wi-fi, TV, fully hosted and in-room services. Languages spoken are English and Spanish. We focus on strong personal connections and safety as we want our guest to feel safe and worry-free and come in as guests and leave as friends. So, come join this unique outdoor luxury adventure travel operator and boutique hotel for an unforgettable all inclusive holiday vacation in the Caribbean. 

Wanderlust Caribbean Adventures

Wanderlust Caribbean Active Adventure Travel
Wanderlust Caribbean Tours
Wanderlust Caribbean Adventures - Biking

Road biking and mountain biking are not popular activities in Dominica. The natural topology of the island can challenge even the most advanced riders.

Wanderlust Caribbean offers guided off-road biking tours in the more gentle farmlands around the property. A great workout favorite amongst our more active guests. 


Don't miss an amazing ride that finishes at a beautiful local beach! Regular and electric bikes are available. 


Wanderlust Caribbean Adventures - Hiking

Dominica is truly a hiker’s paradise! 

The island features the longest hiking trail in the Caribbean, the Waitukubuli National Trail (WNT).  Dominica also has an extensive network of trails leading to stunning waterfalls, freshwater lakes, deep gorges, and dramatic coastlines. The Boiling Lake trail is Dominica's signature hike and takes about seven(7) hours to complete. 

Wanderlust Caribbean's extensive hiking program offers opportunities to explore all the best hiking trails in Dominica.


Because we've done it all, we match your interests and level of activity with the right hiking experience for you. 


Woman Snorkeling with Stingray

Dominica offers an extensive network of healthy and unbleached coral reefs, abundant and colorful marine life, and pristine water.  Many sites can be reached from shore and others require only a short boat ride. 


Swim alongside majestic turtles, schools of squid, octopuses and countless species of aquatic life.  Be amazed by the beauty and variety of soft and hard shell corals.  

With Wanderlust Caribbean, guests get to explore rarely visited reefs the owners have discovered while scuba diving and exploring the coastline of the island.


Wanderlust Caribbean Adventures - Canyoning

Experience the thrill of canyoning by rappelling down waterfalls and jumping into river pools, as you navigate daring slot canyons. This tour is appropriate for beginners, as no previous experience is required. More advanced tours can be arranged. 

Canyoning feels challenging but is one of our favorite guest activities. We offer this activity as a "custom tour" which is included with our adventure packages. Surcharge per person applies.  


Wanderlust Caribbean Adventures - Waterfalls

What's in a waterfall? 

Feel the exhilarating power of Mother Nature as you dive into its refreshing waterfall pools. In Dominica, jumping into one of its spectacular waterfalls usually goes hand-in-hand with an exciting hike through the jungle. Waterfall adventures vary in difficulty and are matched to guests' activity levels.

With Wanderlust Caribbean adventure packages, guests get to dive into many of these majestic water curtains and pools; an experience that ranks very high among our guests.


Wanderlust Caribbean Adventures - Boiling Lake Hike

The Boiling Lake hike might be the adventure of your lifetime!  It's considered the top hike in Dominica.

This advanced hike stretches eight miles into mountain forest, cloud forest, and fumarole vegetation.

This flooded fumarole is the second-largest boiling lake in the World and one of four hot sulfur water areas on the island. The hike takes between five and seven hours, passes through the Valley of Desolation and finishes with a refreshing swim at the magnificent Titou Gorge.

Wanderlust Caribbean offers this activity as a "custom tour" which is included with our adventure packages.

 Boiling Lake 

Wanderlust Caribbean Adventures - Thermal Activities

Volcanic activity around the Roseau Valley produces a source of natural energy that's expressed in fumaroles and hot water springs. Geothermal activity in Dominica is responsible for many of the natural wonders which make this island so unique and fascinating.


Our adventure packages include:

  • Visits to natural hot sulfur pools, ideal as a post-hiking activity

  • Snorkeling in the bubbly waters of Champagne Reef

  • Swimming in the thermal pool of Trafalgar Falls

  • Hiking to the Valley of Desolation and the Boiling Lake 

 Volcanic Activity 

Wanderlust Caribbean Adventures - Beaches

Dominica's uncrowded and remote beaches are known for their mixture of dark and golden sand, surrounded by beautiful palm trees.


The West Coast (Caribbean Sea) features delightful pebble and dark sand beaches with calm and pristine waters. 


The North Coast (Atlantic Ocean) features palm covered beaches surrounded by rainforest and rivers, many with powdery golden sand. The East Coast (Atlantic) is unsuitable for swimming.


Several northern hidden beaches are within walking distance or a short ride from the Wanderlust Caribbean hotel. 


Diving in the Reef

Because of its warm waters, impressive visibility, extensive wildlife and volcanic ocean terrain, many consider Dominica to be one of the best dive destinations in the region.

At Wanderlust Caribbean, scuba diving is available as a "Custom Tour" activity which is included with our adventure packages. At the time, we do not offer diving-only packages.

As scuba divers, we've explored many of Dominica's sites and have developed relationships with tour providers that offer first-rate trips. 

 Scuba Diving 


Strap on your life vest and kayak or paddleboard in high altitude freshwater lakes, pristine rivers, calm Caribbean Sea waters, or in Northern bays.


You’re guaranteed the best seat in the house to enjoy the lush landscape and divers' habitats, as you glide over the pristine waters.

Haven't kayaked or paddle boarded before? No problem, learn in the calm river below the property before embarking on your adventure.


Wanderlust Caribbean Adventures - Horseback riding

Enjoy the scenery as you explore the Northwest Coast of Dominica on a two-hour horseback riding tour. The tour is a relaxing way to explore Cabrits National Park. It finishes with a refreshing ride in the ocean if desired.

Wanderlust Caribbean offers this activity as a "Custom Tour" which is included with our adventure packages.


Wanderlust Caribbean Adventures - Fishing

Fishing is a way of life for many Dominicans and Calibishie is one of the many fishing villages found across the island.


Enjoy fishing in the bay below the hotel, or go back in time by learning how to hand line fish with a local fisherman.

Many different types of fish are caught including Mahi Mahi, Red Snapper, and Yellow Fin Tuna.

Wanderlust Caribbean offers this activity as a "Custom Tour" which is included with our adventure packages. Surcharge may apply.  


Wanderlust Caribbean Adventures - Hotel

Calibishie is an ideal adventure destination. Guests can enjoy the following activities right from the hotel:


1) Fitness walks, bike tours, and farmland hikes that end with a refreshing swim in the river below the property.  


2) Water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding at the beach and river below the property, or others within walking distance.


We also offer free cooking classes, village and chocolate factory tours, bonfires, and sunset happy hours.

With so much to offer, Wanderlust Caribbean is sure to satisfy your quest for adventure and cultural immersion.

 Activities at the Hotel 

Wanderlust Caribbean Adventures - Photography

Dominica has so much to offer. From stunning land and seascapes, impressive waterfalls, macro images of plants and flowers, colorful aquatic life, and curious marine creatures.

At Wanderlust Caribbean, photography is part of every scheduled and unscheduled stop. Photographers are treated to the most scenic and photogenic opportunities the island has to offer. 


Native Girls

Dominica is home to the last remaining pre-Columbian population in the Caribbean, the Kalinagos.  Previously known as the Carib Indians, this fierce tribe now lives in harmony with nature and preserves many of its traditions. 

The Kalinago experience offered by Wanderlust Caribbean is broader than just a visit to the Kalinago Reservation. We go deeper as we mingle with the locals while hiking through their lands.  Cassava bread and great conversations introduce our guests to this unique culture living in harmony with nature.



Almost 200 species of birds have been recorded in Dominica, with 60 being permanent residents. Endemic birds include the Sisserou and Jaco parrot, and four species of hummingbirds.


Coastal birds include magnificent frigates, brown pelicans, broad-wing hawks, and brown boobies. Forest habitats are home to mountain whistlers, ground doves, and bananaquits. In general, birds are numerous and always part of the scenery.

At Wanderlust Caribbean, we encourage bird lovers to go on a bird watching tour,  ("Custom Tour" ) which is included with our adventure packages.

 Bird Watching 

Pod of Whales

Sperm whales often breed in the waters surrounding Dominica which makes sightings of these magnificent creatures common. Visitors may also encounter pilot and humpback whales, as well as large, playful pods of spinners, Atlantic spotted, and bottle-nose dolphins.

Whale watching tours are available weekly on Sundays' afternoons. Whale sighting is not guaranteed.  Wanderlust Caribbean offers this activity as a "custom tour" which is included with our adventure packages.

 Whale Watching 

Raw Fish

Enjoy the flavorful and healthy Dominican cuisine. 

A tasteful mix of African, British and indigenous influences, Dominicans enjoy a tasty variety of food choices.

As the "breadbasket of the Caribbean", Dominica has ample fresh fruits and vegetables to keep everyone healthy.  It's one reason they have one of the highest populations of centenarians in the world.




 Activities and Experiences

Itineraries and Regional Tours

  • Wanderlust Caribbean's small-group travel expertise and deep knowledge of the island enables us to create unique and highly customized guests' itineraries within a group setting.

  • Itineraries are based on full-day expeditions to a region (geographical areas) of Dominica. Regions are classified as the North, South, East, West, and Central regions and the Calibishie area.

  • Regional expeditions include multi-sport activities and exploration of the regions' top spots and hidden gems. Each region offers unique nature wonders and experiences.

  • Concurrent tours within a region are offered and require a minimum of two guest for a parallel activity, with some exceptions.

  • Guests staying longer than a week will not repeat activities as each region has so much to offer.

  • One (1) SPECIALTY TOUR choice is included in the Explorers packages.

  • Two (2) SPECIALTY TOUR choices are included in the Wanderlusters packages. 

How it works:

We gather guests' information (likes and interest, activity levels and other relevant information) during our pre-trip planning calls. We then build a general plan and discuss it with the guests to ensure we meet the expectations. We finalize the daily itinerary when the guests arrives.  


This offer allows guests to choose one specialty tour to further customize their itinerary. 

Boiling Lake tour

Boiling Lake tour

Scuba diving tour

Scuba diving tour

Canyoning (surcharge)

Canyoning (surcharge)

Whale watching tour

Whale watching tour

Additional WNT tour

Additional WNT tour

Bird watching tour

Bird watching tour

Horseback riding tour

Horseback riding tour

Fishing tour

Fishing tour