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Wanderlust Caribbean All-Inclusive Adventure Travel and Boutique Hotel in Dominica. Adventure Travel at its best. Caribbean Vacation Packages. 

Wanderlust Caribbean Adventure Travel Boutique Hotel - Overseas Adventure Travel in Dominica

We specialize in overseas and outdoor active vacations and overseas active holidays by providing all-inclusive luxury adventure travel packages that include adventures in Dominica and accommodations in our upscale boutique hotel. Wanderlust Caribbean offers one of the best rated all-inclusive adventure travel packages and active vacations in the Caribbean island of Dominica. Ideal for those looking for active adventure vacations and adventure holidays under the Sun and in a tropical and warn destination. Our Luxury Active Vacation in Dominica is best enjoyed by adventurers, explorers, thrill seekers, nature lovers, active travelers, and outdoors enthusiast looking to hike, trek, swim, snorkel, scuba dive, bike and kayak in an" off the beaten path" destination. Dominica is a stunningly beautiful and truly uncrowded destination where there is no over tourism.  

Wanderlust Caribbean luxury adventure travel vacations and active holidays are mainly offered through multi-sport adventure packages that offer private tours all across Dominica.  Our adventures also include multi-activity tours so that guests get to enjoy multiple activity with each tour day.  Wanderlust Caribbean multi-sport adventure vacations and multi-activity tours integrate hiking, biking, swimming, snorkeling, canyoning, visiting waterfalls, whale watching, bird watching, boating and kayaking while exploring the untouched jungles, tropical rain forest, sunken volcanoes, thermal waters, pristine reef and seas of Dominica. All tours are personally provided by the owner for a small boutique and very personal experience. Finally, Wanderlust Caribbean vacation packages are ideal for small groups travel (no more than 6 customers at any one time).  

Wanderlust Caribbean in Dominica offers top rated all inclusive luxury adventure travel vacation and holiday packages inclusive of tours, accommodations, meals, transportation, and personalized services



Wanderlust Caribbean is top-rated hotel in Dominica offering customized small group and all-inclusive adventure vacation packages and tours. 

ABOUT - Top rated hotel in Dominica offering customized small group and all-inclusive adventure vacation packages and tours. 

We are Wanderlust Caribbean

All-Inclusive Adventure Travel & Boutique Hotel

Caribbean adventure travel bliss in majestic and undiscovered Dominica, not the Dominican Republic. Wanderlust Caribbean Adventure Travel Boutique Hotel offers personalized all-inclusive luxury adventure travel vacation packages and active tours, ideal for adventurers and nature enthusiasts. Wanderlust Dominica Adventure Resort in Dominica has been recognized by the local government as the hallmark of adventure active travel in the island. Dominica and Wanderlust Caribbean, your best adventure.

Catering to the more active and adventurous minded travelers, Wanderlust Caribbean offers personalized adventure travel vacation packages in Dominica that are inclusive of boutique hotel accommodations, island-wide tours, top-notch services, and much more. ​

Known as "the Uncommon Caribbean" and "the Nature Island," Dominica (distinct from the Dominican Republic) is the Caribbean's best-kept secret. It offers a delightfully uncrowded adventure alternative to popular destinations like Costa Rica and Hawaii.


Hallmark of the Adventure Travel Product of Dominica

*As recognized by Dominica's Ministry of Tourism of Dominica - 2024 


Wanderlust Caribbean meticulously craft bespoke experiences in close collaboration with its guests, ensuring that each adventure aligns with their personal interests and levels of thrill-seeking.


This collaborative process guarantees uniquely tailored journeys that combine the excitement of exploration with the intimacy of small-group settings. By immersing our guests in the heart of Dominica, we create unforgettable memories and foster a profound connection to this extraordinary destination.​


Wanderlust Caribbean Adventure Travel Boutique Hotel creates all inclusive adventure vacations that cater to those yearning for both thrill and convenience, blending the excitement of adventure travel with the ease of pre-planned itineraries. These adventure vacations are perfect for vacations for adventurers who crave active vacations without the hassle of endless planning. Small group adventure holidays offer a more intimate and immersive experience, taking travelers on off the beaten path tours to explore hidden gems. From vacations for nature lovers to adventure all inclusive vacation packages Wanderlust Caribbean provides an effortless way to engage with the natural world, ensuring that every aspect of the "adventure vacation packages" is designed with the spirit of adventure in mind. Wanderlust Caribbean, adventure travel at its best.

Wanderlust Caribbean Reviews Sample

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Bespoke Small Group Travel

Adventure Travel At Its Best


Go beyond the typical tours and discover the hidden gems that make Dominica a unique tropical paradise.


Itineraries planned with guests before arrival. Customized schedules fit into regional trips.


Top-notch quality, and personal services. Enjoy meeting other like-minded guests. We average 6 guests each week with a maximum of 10 at our property.


Most tours are personally guided by the owners or hand-picked tour guides.


Dominica has over 300 miles of hiking trails and we hike the best of them each week. 


We are a no-wall resort.  Quite simply, you get to meet all our local friends while you're here.  They will enhance your vacation as you learn about their unique lifestyle and approach to a happy life.

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When planning a vacation in the Caribbean, Dominica emerges as a top destination, offering an array of accommodation options to suit every traveler's needs. From the luxury resorts in Dominica, nestled in its pristine natural landscapes, to the boutique hotels in Dominica, each place offers a unique experience. For those pondering where to stay in Dominica, the island presents a variety of choices, including all-inclusive resorts in Dominica, particularly the best all-inclusive resorts in Dominica, which provide unparalleled service and amenities.

Dominica hotels and resorts are renowned for their hospitality, blending luxury and comfort seamlessly. The best hotels in Dominica are not only about upscale living but also about immersing guests in the island's vibrant culture. If you're leaning towards a more comprehensive package, the all-inclusive hotels in Dominica or the all-inclusive resorts Dominica island offer might be ideal. These establishments cater to every whim, ensuring a hassle-free holiday.

For those with wanderlust, Dominica is a perfect choice. The island's natural beauty is a paradise for explorers and nature enthusiasts. The Dominica Caribbean hotels and Dominica Caribbean resorts provide easy access to lush rainforests, stunning waterfalls, and warm, inviting beaches. The top hotels in Dominica, particularly the luxury resorts in Dominica, often boast breathtaking views and exceptional service, making your stay unforgettable.

If you're searching for 'Dominica island where to stay,' consider the Dominica island all-inclusive resorts, known for their comprehensive amenities and beautiful settings. Alternatively, for a more personalized experience, the boutique hotels in Dominica offer a unique charm. Whether you're vacationing in Dominica for adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, the island caters to all tastes and preferences, making it a top choice for a Caribbean getaway.

Wanderlust Caribbean Penthouse View

Located in Calibishie, Wanderlust Caribbean Boutique Hotel offers five private and beautifully appointed oceanfront accommodations. With stunning coastal views and gentle breezes, these accommodations provide a serene and luxurious retreat.

A mere five-minute stroll down the hotel's private trail leads guests to the scenic Hodges Bay. This captivating bay presents a plethora of water activities to indulge in, such as swimming, snorkeling, and paddleboarding. Whether you wish to embark on an adventure to Treasure Island from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean or explore the pristine waters of the Hodges River, Hodges Bay offers an idyllic setting for aquatic enjoyment just steps away from the hotel.

Ocean-Front Boutique Hotel



five and six-day packages



seven and eight-day packages



nine-day or longer packages

Scuba Multisport

Scuba Multisport

eight-day package

Private Groups

Private Groups

eight-day package


The Nature Island


Not the Dominican Republic

Seeking refuge from mass tourism? Craving an unspoiled tropical haven? Look no further than our destination of choice – the youngest island in the Caribbean.


Prepare to be captivated by its untouched beauty, as this volcanic gem unveils a tapestry of enchanting nature and rich cultural heritage, eagerly awaiting your exploration and enjoyment. 

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