Wanderlust Caribbean All-Inclusive Adventure Travel and Boutique Hotel in Dominica. Adventure Travel at its best. Caribbean Vacation Packages.

Wanderlust Caribbean is a premier all-inclusive luxury adventure travel company offers the best vacation packages in Dominica for active travelers. We specialize in outdoor active vacations and overseas active holidays providing one of the best tour packages in Dominica. With only five rooms we specialize in small group travel in the Caribbean. 

As one of Dominica best tour operator, Wanderlust Caribbean delivers top-rated vacation tour packages inclusive of an upscale boutique hotel considered one of the best hotels in Dominica and one of the best-rated all-inclusive adventure travel package and active vacation in the Caribbean island of Dominica. Ideal for those looking for active adventure vacations and adventure holidays under the Sun and in a tropical and warm destination. Our Luxury Active Vacation in Dominica is best enjoyed by adventurers, explorers, thrill-seekers, nature lovers, active travelers, and outdoors enthusiasts looking for a nature vacation in a off-the-beaten-path nature travel destination. Dominica is a stunningly beautiful and truly uncrowded destination where there is no over-tourism.  

Wanderlust Caribbean active holidays are mainly offered through multi-sport adventure packages that offer private tours all across Dominica.  Our adventures also include multi-activity tours so that guests get to enjoy multiple activities with each tour day.  Wanderlust Caribbean multi-sport adventure vacations and multi-activity tours integrate hiking, biking, swimming, snorkeling, canyoning, visiting waterfalls, whale watching, bird watching, boating, and kayaking while exploring the untouched jungles, tropical rain forest, sunken volcanoes, thermal waters, pristine reef and seas of Dominica. All tours are personally guided by the owner for a small boutique and a very personal experience. Finally, Wanderlust Caribbean vacation packages are ideal for small group travel (no more than 6 customers at any one time).  

ABOUT - Top rated hotel in Dominica offering customized small group and all-inclusive adventure vacation packages and tours. 


Indulge Your Wanderlust

Longing for new experiences? Craving wide-open spaces and pristine nature?

Looking for a stress-free vacation in an undiscovered tropical destination?

If so, you have come to the right place.


All-Inclusive Adventure Travel in Dominica, West Indies

Wanderlust Caribbean combines personalized adventure travel programs, condo-hotel accommodations, all inclusive hotel services, and authentic personal connections second to none, to deliver an adventure of a lifetime. Catering to active travelers and nature lovers, Wanderlust Caribbean delivers hassle-fee immersion into the best of Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic).


Also known as "the Uncommon Caribbean", Dominica is the best-kept secret of the Caribbean. Highly appreciated by explorers, outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, Dominica offers a delightfully uncrowded adventure alternative to the likes of Costa Rica and Hawaii.


Wanderlust Caribbean
Adventure Travel Vacations

Say YES to adventure! Our adventure travel program matches guests' interests and desired levels of activity with Dominica's wide range of multi-sport activities and unique natural wonders.


Explore Dominica with Wanderlust Caribbean and experience its ravishing natural wonders as you hike, bike, swim, snorkel, and enjoy a variety of activities across all regions of the island. Enjoy the culture as you meet and become friends with the locals. 

Escape to nature and indulge your passion for exploration with Wanderlust Caribbean, for an adventure of a lifetime.

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Why Wanderlust

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Enjoy our unique combination of oceanfront apartment living with top-rated hotel services. Your home away from home!


All of the five distinctive units feature stunning views, divine coastal breezes, and indoors/outdoors designs. The property has a private trail to the beach below, organic gardens, a roof bar terrace, and an open dining terrace.

Explore the Calibishie Village and its many natural attractions located within walking distance of the hotel.

Escape the crowds and enjoy the blissfulness of pristine nature.

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